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Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

   Good morning. In today’s press conference, I’d like to extend my gratitude and health-felt warmth to all of you (With gratitude and enthusiasm, I attend today’s press conference). To begin with, I’d like to announce that my trip to Taiwan has fulfilled its goals.

   During my visit, we, Chairman Jiang and I, have signed four agreements on air links, shipping, post service and food safety. We’ve also reached consensus over the improvement of tourism policies concerning tourists from the Mainland to Taiwan, and over the strengthening of our ties in business, industry and financial cooperation. The air-links and post service across the Strait that we’ve longed for over the past 30 years are becoming realities. The three direct links will bring us to the times when we can travel between the Mainland and Taiwan, a trip of a thousand miles, within a single day (其实用插入语就可以了).

   As for the future path of cross-strait relations, I’d like to say that peace and growth are to the interest of the Mainland and Taiwan. They are the right direction that our history is heading for and our inevitable choice. We are perfectly aware of what you’ve undergone in the last century, and of the fact that some of you may disagree with us. After all, we’ve passed through many ups and downs over the past 60 years, which requires us to communicate and solve our problems in honesty and patience. With our kindness, wisdom, devotion to the common interest and livelihood of the people, and our mutual understanding, we can accomplish the goal in collaborative efforts (因为上面一句已经有了solve our problems,所以这句就用了accomplish the goal代指前面的解决问题). So long as we still try to bridge our differences through negotiation, and replace antagonism with cooperation, we will appeal to more of our fellow citizens and take a wider path of peaceful development across the Taiwan Strait.

   Over the past four days, we’ve met some old friends who’ve made important contribution to the cross-strait relations and some new friends who are concerned about this negotiation (the one between ARATS and SEF). We’ve also watched the film Cape No.7 and had a taste of Malasun, which helped me understand the virtues of Taiwanese. We felt their hospitality and mainstream public opinions. I believe in the near future people on both sides of the Strait will enjoy their friendship and warmth in person (这里的“关怀”非常难翻译,我觉得不是care,所以用了friendship & warmth的综合,希望大家能提供更好的参考意见).

 I’ll try to finish the speech of Chen Shui-bian in the next two days. I’ve said that this is just a reference for you in interpreting. If you have better ideas on how to translate some of the words or expression, please share them with us. Thank you for your patience.







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